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I owe no man an apology; neither do I owe an explanation for advertising dog clothes. In fact, this is more like a challenge. How do you write on something as infrequent as dog clothes? I’m the kind of person who likes injecting a tablespoon of fun into every activity. I mean, we can still be productive with a few witty comments and some coffee breaks as we find a way to solve one pressing issue.

Dogs are so much fun to have around, and they are amazing companions. Note that, you can make your 7-year old daughter pretty happy by taking her pet shopping for her new puppy.  After seeing Lindsay, the female dog in Doolittle’s movie, all I could see was bare skin when I cast glances at all those other dogs. Here’s what it is. If we would only unite as pet-clothed loving owners, we would turn this country upside down. Lately, it just feels like there’s a lot of tension everywhere we go!  Everything has become a competition. What if we all got dog clothes for our pets, and gave the passers-by a good laugh? I strongly believe it is only right that we bond with our pets on a clothing level. I bet that Doberman’s brown eyes will glow with the blue shirt you are getting him. For the dachshund owners, if you leave your bundle of cuteness to walk to and fro in no clothes, it’s savagery. And then there are Chihuahuas, which are like the clingiest, most delicate dogs, because they easily get cold. They will coil under your jacket just to stay warm, or go outside and sunbathe if the inside of the house is cool during spring.

Imagine you and your dog running through the rain to your car. You can’t thrust him into your jacket pocket like he’s small change. His head will be hanging out, and the rain will drench him. We are all aware that dogs hate the rain. The least you can do is get him a raincoat and make it up to him. Why would want to pay veterinary bills to treat a sick dog, when you could have saved yourself all this trouble by getting him a jacket? What do you do when it rains and you need to go and check your car engine real quick? I’ll tell you. Raincoats, rain boots, gloves maybe, and sometimes, we top it off with an umbrella. All this preparation to just leave the house! Why do we prepare for rain this much, when we’re already wearing clothing? If you claim to love your dog, or care about the kids enough to take care of their pet as though it was yours, then at least put a nice sweater on him. It’s all we ask.


I want to make sure you know when to dress them in a raincoat, as opposed to a sweater.  Here’s why. When it’s raining outside, it doesn’t mean your dog has to suffer the pain of being boxed up in the house. Nobody likes that! Get a raincoat for the drizzles, not a sweater. Why? Because a sweater will retain all the raindrops and sink into your dog’s fur.  This will make him more miserable, and he would have been better off without it. A raincoat repels all the rain drops away and keeps Mr. Fluffy warm.

Dog clothes are good for their health. If you have one of those stubborn dogs who always pushes their blankets away and shivers during winter, get them a sweater. This will keep them warm and stylish, which in turn will keep them healthier and happier.  We have a wide variety, so check them out. We also offer dog clothes with sun protection to keep your dog safe when you’re at the pool party this summer. Just put a UPF 50 shirt on your pup before you head out, and leave your worries behind.  For the girly girls, there are even adorable dog dresses, so you can wear matching clothes with your baby to a “Bring Your Pet Along Barbecue.” Say she’s had a recent surgery for a spot on her back.  This little dress will keep her from licking or biting at the sensitive area.  Is this all making more sense now?  We don’t walk around naked in the rain, hot sun or snow, so why should our beloved dogs?

Since the foundations of the earth were created, we have always been aware of the coin. You know, either it is this or that. In this world, two forces operate. That of good and evil. For class systems, it is either you are rich according to a particular quota, or you are poor if your bank statements do not reach the given limit. In this clothing business, there exist two people as well; those who absolutely love the idea, like me, and those who haven’t come to grasp the logic behind this.

I visited a family friend in New Orleans some time ago. I was amazed at how spoiled her little Chihuahua “Tinkerbell” was!  She had a luxury dog bed interactive dog toys, regular trips to the vet, healthy dog treats when she was good, and top notch food regardless of her behavior. This was a dog! Even my son doesn’t live this fancy.

It’s really what it is now. Pets have become family. Take it or leave it, they are a part of us. What you should know is, even if you can’t afford the high life, your pet at least gets to eat and doesn’t go cold during winter. That is the least a person who cares about his dog can do!


I am a sucker for these animal education segments. There are many dogs like Min Pins, Dachshunds and Pugs who have short hair. There are even hairless Chihuahua’s! This means, they are very prone to climate change. Hair gives some sort of warmth, no hair opens you up to coldness, and not just the cold for those who will say, “Maybe I will get one during winter.” This is needed even during summer because, exposure of skin to the high radiations produced by the sun causes skin cancer.  It is not only wise to put sunscreen on them, but a T-shirt will also help minimize their susceptibility to the rays. For those of us who have become so attached to our furry companions, it wouldn’t be easy to see our dogs get sick just because we were concerned about what the world has to say about us.


I realize that most of the time, it’s the small cuties who are the ones all dolled up. But, for larger breeds like Labs and Boxers (who are quite hairless actually); there are dog clothes in larger sizes for them too. In fact, hairless or not, just like human clothes, there are labels. Come pick an extra-large for your German Shepherd today!

There are also reflective stripes on many of our dog clothes, especially on coats and harnesses, which allow dogs to be seen in the dark. Obviously, this is helpful to avoid being hit by a car, and also so they can be easily located.


My friend at the vet told me that most patients come in wearing sweaters when it’s cold. White dogs and allergies are a known partnership. They get hot spots from scratching and chewing. Putting a t-shirt on them can help protect their skin until their hair grows back.

I can definitely see the benefits now of dog clothes to keep pups warm and protected from harsh weather.  It is a bit hard to defend your dog wearing a cute dog dress on the other hand, when you say “It’s not all about fashion!”

I hope this has brought you some enlightenment on your possibly narrowed view when it comes to dog clothes.  I believe that every dog owner should invest some money into high quality dog clothes for sale.  So spend some time shopping online at High Society Canine today.  You and your dog will be glad that you did!


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