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Crunchy leaves, trips to Grandma's and tasty treats make autumn a perfect time for making memories with your dog. There's so many ways to get your dog ready to transition into cooler weather while allowing her to participate in many of your seasonal outings. 

Here's what every dog needs to get autumn-ready:

Bundle Up For Sweater Weather

Fall brings cool days and chilly nights. Your dog needs light sweaters and cute coats to keep her warm without getting overheated. 

Every dog needs a fur-trimmed leather jacket. It’ll keep her warm into the winter by insulating her neck and chest. They look handsome on males and gorgeous on females!


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Warm Up With Dog-Friendly Broth

After a walk on a brisk autumn afternoon, your pup will appreciate warm broth in their kibble, just as we love to get cozy with hot soups and cocoa. 

Most broths found in cans and cartons at your grocery store have too much sodium to be healthy for your dog. They may also contain onions and other ingredients that are toxic for pets. 

It's easy to make your own broth, especially if you have a slow cooker. You can make broth for soup for your family and set aside an unseasoned portion for your dog. Bone broth is very nourishing for both dogs and people. It prevents arthritis and contains tons of immunity-boosting nutrients. 

Soak your dog's kibble in warm broth for a few minutes before serving for a special fall meal.

Get A Cozy, Stylish Carrier

Your dog will be safe and comfortable in a carrier made just for her - and these stylish bags from High Society Canine are as stylish as they are functional. Place a soft blanket inside for burrowing, your pooch will be nice and warm no matter where your travels take you this fall.

Bake Festive Fall Dog Treats

Pumpkin is safe for dogs to eat. In fact, it's often recommended by vets to soothe tummy upsets. You can use 100% pure canned pumpkin puree or make your own by cooking a pie pumpkin. Use this peanut butter pumpkin dog treat recipe for inspiration. 

You can also puree cooked sweet potato or boneless, skinless turkey with the fat removed to make good use of your leftovers. When creating your own recipes, avoid using white flour. Rice flour, rolled oats, tapioca flour or potato flour are all good dry ingredients that are easy for dogs to digest. 

Stay Warm… Shop From Home

You can do all of your autumn shopping for your dog right here at High Society Canine. Toys, beds, carriers and other accessories from popular brands are shipped the same day – most items ship free within the US!


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